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Where fitting your horse and mule is our number one priority.

  Evolutionary Saddles Offers Extraordinary Performance and outstanding quality at a fair price.

Designed for gaited and non-gaited horses and mules in all shapes and sizes!

 Hardware, Brass and other rigging necessities
 (blocking, cruppers/britching, billets and covers)

is available

Accessory D’s: Stainless steel, these are those ever needed loops to hook everything to. They will come with screws for easy attachment.

Footman’s loops with screws: Stainless steel brackets make for a welcome addition to your saddles fork or cantle. These are one inch diameter - stable and non-jingling.

Rings: These stainless steel one-inch rings are a great addition to your Footman’s Loops. Put them under your Footman’s Loops for an extra "snap on" spot.

Saddle Strings: These strings are 30 inches long an come on Stainless steel D’s with screws. Please state color of strings when ordering.

Scissor Snap: These are nickel over brass 3/4 inch long snaps. These are wonderful for hooking all kinds of stuff, like reins and bags. Select round or square eye.

Hoof Pick or Knife Holder: Comes with leather string for attachment to your saddle. Specify leather color.

Kwik Cinch Barney Buckle: Easy tightening for western cinches. This unique buckle is thin and adds no extra bulk under your leg. The Barney Buckle turns any western cinch into a Smart Cinch. Great for different sized horses that require different cinch sizes Easily tighten the cinch without dismounting! Remember, horses ridden for long periods of time in warm conditions can lose up to 50 lbs. in body weight through sweating. So having the ability to do a "Kwik cinch-up" is wonderful! Made of polished stainless steel and leather. 3.5" x 2.5" w. For use on western saddles that have a 1 to 13/4 inch latigo belt. The Kwik Cinch stays with your saddle and can be used on any size western cinch. Selected as the top 101 innovations for 2003 by Tack n’ Togs trade magazine

English Girth Tightener: By using leverage, this "belly buster" allows easy cinching up of even the biggest air bag of a horse! No more than 10 inches long its easy to take along out on the trail. Make cinching up fast and easy with this nifty device. (Warning: you can easily over tighten.)

Blocking:   This blocking attaches to the sweat flap of your English saddle with Velcro. Use to replace worn out or lost blocking or to have as a spare set.  We now offer "Trail Blocking". This blocking is larger and more supportive at 2.5 inches deep. Great for the rider who needs extra leg support. Specify saddle style and type of blocking. Sold in pairs.

Neoprene Crupper: A crupper will hold the back of the saddle down, as well as keep the saddle in place when going downhill. If you do not use a crupper when going downhill, your saddle may run into your mount's rotating shoulder and the girth may run into his elbow /arm pit area-with the potential of galling and soring him terribly.  A crupper also will keep your saddle from ending up on your mount's neck! The proper use of a crupper can help alleviate both.  This crupper has a pliable braided nylon core for strength, and is sleeved with soft Neoprene that actually doesn’t chafe!  The tail loop has bridle snaps on both ends so it rides balanced and has two long center straps of black nylon webbing that can be easily adjusted either long or short for different backed horses. Stainless Steel Hardware. HVF-Exclusive. To properly adjust the crupper: Square your horse up, adjust the crupper so you can lift it off the rump 3” to 4” inches.  The loop on this crupper can be purchase separately. 

Britching/breeching:   Breeching: This is REAL breeching that is user friendly to all. Designed with horses in mind.  Why use breeching? Breeching helps stabilize a load more than any crupper, and is also nicer to the animal.  Some horses and mules do not like a crupper, or they put up their tail up or hold it off to the side and off goes the crupper.  Some equines have such a difficult tail set it is very hard to properly set a crupper and the animal ends up galled or worse yet, ornery and may buck.  Thanks to Ronda and Clete from CR Ass Ranch, we took breeching to a whole new level.  Made with \ your loved one in mind. This breeching is half the weight anything else on the market.  Stronger than any leather and more stable with ten - yes 10 –  1 inch soft nylon straps from 30 to 40 inches long to accommodate both small and huge equines. All the hardware is stainless, no more rust ever.  The ten stainless steel sliders and 6 swivel trigger snaps make for quick and easy adjustments, on and off.  Gone for good are those horrible Conway buckles and dry, brittle – rotten leather that is impossible to work with. The strap is now 3 inches wide and 37 inches long and completely padded with the HVF Soft-Touch padding.  No more cutting into and galling your animals’ buttocks.  This is the most awesome breeching ever developed by real mule and horse riders alike – we all hope you love it as much as we do! Comes in black or brown.  

Rear flank billets: Pair of leather billets for attachment to Dee rings on the rear rigging of a western saddle.


Saddle Dust Cover: This dust cover is great for any English, endurance or western 28 inch length saddle. It will cover the flaps and skirt on all saddles - even over most saddle packs -  but not the fenders on a western saddle. Made from the best quality washable cordura that is water resistant.  Perfect for keeping your saddle dry and dust free.  Has an elastic neck for quick on and off.  This roomy cover not only keeps your saddle dry and dust free, you DON'T even have to take off your saddle packs to do so!  This cover is roomy enough to keep them dust free and dry as well.

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