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Stirrups & Leathers

HOW To properly fit a stirrup
When foot with shoe is in the stirrup, the ball of the foot is on the tread and the foot is over to one side:
“There must be 15-20 mm or 1/2 to 3/4 inch to spare when the foot is in the stirrup over to one side” Pony Club Gear Check Guidelines -Jan 2006.  (Or I would like to say: A finger width on either side of the foot.)

Leather Covered Bell Stirrup: These stirrups are unique and time consuming to make. Built on lightweight nylon cores with a 3" base (front to rear measurement) with a 2.5 inch neck, they are 4 3/4 wide with a 3-inch neck they are 4 7/8" wide. These bells are covered with leather to match your saddle. Wet-molded, clamped and expertly stitched with all edges sanded, waxed and burnished, these stirrups are gorgeous. They are comfortable too, with a cushioned ½" thick footpad, nonskid sole that absorbs more concussion and prevents more foot pain than you can imagine. Specify style and leather color. Sold as a pair. Weight of stirrup 20.2 oz.

Leather Covered Over Shoe Stirrup:  Without the bulk as seen with other over shoe stirrups, these are just 2 inches deep.  They are a true six inches wide and six inches tall measured from the to of the half inch leather covered cushioned tread.  This cushioned pad can be either exposed as seen in the above photo or covered as shown here. Available in 2, 2.5, 3 inch neck size and in brown, black or natural color leather. Sold as a pair. Weight of stirrup 20.5 oz.

E-Z Ride Stirrups: This is the number one long distance stirrup! These leather covered aluminum stirrups rate the highest in comfort and quality. They are 5" wide from side to side and 4" deep from toe to heel, allowing for the best possible width distribution throughout the foot. The thick, closed-cell foam pad provides comfort for the knees and back and helps prevent overall fatigue. Comes in three different top-bar sizes to fit your type of saddle. Choose: 1, 2, 2.5 or 3 inch top sizes - available in black or brown leather. Sold as a pair. Weight of stirrup 20 oz. (check availability)

Comfort HVF Stirrups:  Light weight and stylish, these endurance style stirrups are 5” wide, 3” deep with a cushion tread.  Select from copper or silver vein and neck sizes 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, or 3”. Sold as a pair. Weight of stirrup 12 oz. Specify size.

Cushion Comfort Stirrups:  Spring loaded, cushion comfort, rotating stirrups.   Inspired by a wife and developed by her husband with design by Hill View Farms, these stirrups offer immediate relief to tired and sore knees, hips, ankles and the ball of the foot.. 5” wide and 3” deep with a cushion tread that is ergonomically shaped. Select from copper or silver vein and neck sizes of   2”, 2.5” or 3”.  Patent pendingSold as a pair. Weight of stirrup 22 oz.

Copper Vein color or Silver Vein (shown without standard pad) (check availability)

Twisted Stirrup:  Another super idea from those Icelandic folks up North.  Leave it to them to come up with a with a stirrup that puts no strain on your knees, elevating the annoying twisting of your body as you lean over to get your foot properly placed into the stirrup iron.  Not to mention you will have no hassle in finding your stirrup with your foot.  Sold in pairs with a white footpad.  4 3/4 inches wide with a one inch tread. Sold as a pair..  

The MDC Intelligent Stirrup-  Introductory Pricing

Traditional Angle: Of course, the MDC Intelligent Stirrups® can be set at the traditional angle. This allows you to easily run up your irons. 

45 Degrees: Once the rider presets the stirrups at 45 degrees, instantly they notice that the leather is applying ½ the pressure across their shin as a normal stirrup. This reduction in leather pressure reduces leg burns, but still gives the rider who relies on this pressure the feeling that they desire. Should the rider lose their iron, the MDC Intelligent Stirrups® will tend to leave a clear opening making the stirrup easily retrievable. This increase in stirrup retrieval puts the rider back in control and allows them to proceed and compete at their highest possible efficiency. 45 Degrees seems to be the preferable preset angle for Show Jumpers and Event Riders.  

90 Degrees: Presetting the irons at 90 degrees results in no leather pressure across the shin and leaves the iron completely open for retrieval. At 90 degrees, the MDC Intelligent Stirrups® are performing at their maximum level: no leather burns, maximum retrieval and the greatest safety, as the stirrup tends to remain open allowing the dislodged rider to clear the stirrup safely and easily. 90 Degrees seems to be the preferable preset for Dressage, Endurance and Trail Riders as well as general flat riding applications. 

The MDC Stirrup -(comfort / Ultimate) :  The MDC Intelligent Stirrups® are patented and revolutionary in design.  These irons allow riders the choice of three positions: Traditional, 45 or 90 degrees. This will allow you to customize your stirrups to the setting that best suits you, your horse and your riding application. They relieve pain in your ankles, knees, hips and back plus reduce pressure across the front of the shin as well as reducing leg burns and pinching.  Now you can put your stirrups where you want them and have them work with your body and not against it.  The MDC stirrups are easily retrievable (that is they are easy to catch with your foot), making your performance more precise and much safer. Additionally, the open stirrup angles greatly reduce the danger of being hung up and seriously injured. Each model comes with the patented, adjustable top, which means that your stirrup is waiting for your foot just as soon as you swing your leg over the saddle! The MDC Stirrups® are sized true with an opening of  4 ¼", 4 ½", 4 ¾" and 5 inch. Specify style and size. 
The MDC Comfort Stirrup has a traditional solid foot plate 24 oz each -on a 4.5 inch stirrup.
Item # ST- MDC - Price $140.00 reg $169.95
The MDC Ultimate Stirrup has the  rubber covered flexible shock absorbing side hinges. 28 oz each - on a 4.75 stirrup.
Item # ST-MDC-U - Price $150.00 reg $189.95

The MDC Sport / Supper Sport Stirrup: Like is sibling, the Sport stirrup has the patented locking swivel neck, but was designed with the Jumper and Event Riders in mind. But in reality, these stirrups are fantastic for everyone due to the sure grip - and less weight base.  Now everyone can benefit from the sure grip-wide base, lower profile design and less weight.  The sure grip, aluminum tread gives the rider more traction, stability and comfort due to a deeper platform for support thus reducing pressure under the foot. By using both stainless steel and aluminum metals, MDC has been able to offer a stirrup that actually weighs less than their original model.  The MDC Sport offers the look and strength of stainless steel, blended with the lightness of polished aluminum.  The combination of metals maintains a traditional look for the show ring and unsurpassed strength and balance that MDC is known for.  The MDC Stirrups® are sized true with a opening of  4 ¼", 4 ½", 4 ¾" and 5 inch. Specify style and size.
The MDC Sport Stirrup has the world class sure grip aluminum tread (22 oz each at a 4.75 size).
Item # ST- MDC- Price $150.00 reg $175.95
The MDC Super Sport Stirrup has the sure grip aluminum tread as well as the rubber covered flexible shock absorbing side hinges. 23 oz each on a 4.75 size).
Item # ST- MDC-SS - Price $160.00 reg $199.95

Stirrup Leathers: Depending on the model, you receive one inch leathers that  have the flat stainless steel buckles, followed by thin, top grain leather sewn over a tough nylon web to ensure strength avoiding annoying stretching and misshaping that happens to leathers not reinforced. These leathers are thin and come with coverlets for those who ride with their buckles down by the stirrup. Specify length. Sold as a pair. (49" short, 55" standard, 61" long and 1" wide.)

Biothane Leathers: These "leathers" are made of thin but strong black biothane. They are two inches wide, 62 inches long and will have a cam buckle for easy adjustment. Sold as a pair. Come with a pair of leather sleeves in brown or black. These biothane leathers will not stretch in the heat of summer or crack in the cold of winter.



WINNER of 8 Prestigious International Awards  Toe Stoppers: Rated the best safety device since the helmet, Toe Stoppers have won seven prestigious international awards! Riders who use Toe Stoppers may gain a competitive advantage because they no longer lose concentration when their feet slip forward off the stirrup iron. Toe Stoppers keep feet in the correct position and prevent feet from slipping. Balance and concentration is improved, as well as performance and results. Toe Stoppers are made of a durable material and attach easily with Velcro making for comfortable, safe riding and dismounting. Designed to fit western, endurance and English stirrups/irons, Toe Stoppers attach easily by sliding into the stirrup, the side straps wrap around the sides, top and base of the stirrup. Safety can be added to any stirrup! Did you know that being hooked up in the stirrup iron and dragged is the most dangerous aspect of horse riding resulting in serious injuries and death? Latest statistics show there are 210 horse-riding deaths and 75,000 serious injuries each year in America alone. Over the past 20 years in Australia, 410 riders have died, on average 20 horse riders die each year and there are 3,000 serious injuries. Avoid the inherent risk of dragging or worse. Toe Stoppers are sold in pairs, with two colors to choose from in the following sizes. State size, color and style. Approved for all sanctioned equestrian events and used at the Olympic games.
Western & Endurance (black/brown) in: 4 ¾, 5 and 5 ½ inch.
(To determine size, measure inside at the widest part, side-to-side for sizing.  If your western or endurance stirrup has a 1-inch top bar, size down by one).

English (black/brown) in: 3 ½, 4 , 4 ¼, 4 ½, 4 ¾, 5 and 5 ½ inch.
(To determine size, measure tread width side-to-side).

Racing 3 ½ inch and Track 4 ¾ inch (black only)

Track Rider’s Horror Dragging Ordeal. 
  This dragging incident at Sandown on 6th October 2004 follows another near fatal dragging incident whereby Matthew Palmer was dragged for 100m and blacked out. When he came too Matthew said he had no feeling from his waist down and thought he was paralyzed. Fortunately Matthew only suffered severe bruising.
    Matthew has since been using Track Toe Stoppers and said "They are good - Too good!" because he was concerned if he had to ride another trainers horse without Toe Stoppers. Matthew also used the Race Toe Stoppers last Saturday 2nd October 2004. 


Toe Stoppers & Top Riders go hand in hand.  Chris Chugg riding 5 yro. European imported stallion "Vivant" winning at the Gold Coast Polo & Country Club with Toe Stoppers.  Toe Stoppers are being used by Top Australian and New Zealand Show Jumping riders with incredible results. Toe Stoppers were also used a the Athens Olympic Games 2004 Toe Stoppers are so well designed - you can hardly see them.  Toe Stoppers improve your balance style and position

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tapadaros The Easy Tapadaro; Well, maybe no so easy to get on at first, but once on there they will stay - offering you safety from brush and from getting dragged in the unfortunate event of an unscheduled dismount.  These taps go on to your existing stirrups – regardless of style without sacrificing your foot position, length or size and keeps in style your western riding theme.  Sold as a pair. Comes in brown or black leather with rosettes and strings.

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