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Where fitting your horse and mule is our number one priority.

  Evolutionary Saddles Offers Extraordinary Performance and outstanding quality at a fair price.

Designed for gaited and non-gaited horses and mules in all shapes and sizes!

Silver (check availability)

MONTANA SILVER: With the Montana Armor will help protect your silvers brilliance.  All that is needed is an occasional wipe with a cloth. Do not use any chemical or abrasive cleaner on Montana Armor.   
In stock is the Flash Cut diamond edge Concho's extraordinary beauty, with brilliant shine.     


 1 1/2 inch Solid Concho with wood screw adapter:  

 1 1/2 inch Slotted Concho.

3/4 inch Button Concho with wood screw adapter. Shown at base of cantle


2 inch  Breast Collar Center Ring Concho

1 1/4 inch Bridle Loop Concho.  Goes on head stall.

1 inch Breast Collar Arm Concho with Chicago screw. Goes on end of breast collar arms.

5/8 inch Bit End Concho sold as a pair.

2 inch Horn Cap Concho

  Stainless Steel Conchos

Bridle loops:  $6.90

Large concho: $8.40 

Small concho:  $5.00

Specify what you would like:  Blacken or plain

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