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The Officer

CHOICE, you may select other options that are not listed or shown, such as encased or leather covered panels or style or type of fender.

Additional options for the Full and Standard Package
Additional options
Strings, brass, sliver and hardware
Breast Collars:

Girths & Cinches:
Stirrups leathers and safety

Built on the same tree as the Express, Freedom and Western Endurance. The Officer is a secure saddle with the fork designed low and out of the way but still shaped just right for the perfect handhold. Really sweet is this saddle’s flap design with both front and rear thigh blocking for the best in security. The seat in this saddle has a lower rise allowing the rider room to move, while still offering a great pocket to sit back in. The seat itself is nicely padded and the soft-seat uses both upholstery and neoprene foams. It is hand skived and shaped to be anatomically correct with no stitching lines to rub you raw. This saddle has the adjustable stirrup hanger bar allowing one-inch leathers to be set in one of three positions for rider comfort and for different leg positions from dressage to moderate jumping.  A super trail or endurance saddle that looks and performs great on all breeds and sizes of horses and mules allowing you to sit back and eat up the miles.

Seat Size: 15, 16 and 17 inch
Weight: 19, 20 and 21 lbs.
Panel length: 22.7, 23.77 and 24.77 inches. All designed for up to a 3-inch scapula overlap.
Bar length: 20, 21 and 22 for 15, 16 and 17 inch seats
Saddle color: Black, Brown or two-tone
Seat type: Black or Brown Upholstery Cowhide, smooth or Suede.
Seat style: ˝ inch smooth padding or the one-inch Soft-Seat  How to know?
Blocking: Upper and rear thigh
Fork: Slick – 3 inches high measured from base seat.
Horn: N/A
Cantle: 3.5" tall and 12 inches wide. Height measured at back of cantle is 3 3/4 inches.  Depth of Seat
Hardware: All Stainless Steel. Pair of breast Dee’s, 1 pr. of footman loops at base of fork, 2 pair of accessory Dee’s – rear bar, 2 pair footman loops on cantle with crupper Dee. Additional hardware? Specify quantity and where to place.
Rigging: Dropped cross fire with adjustable Stainless Steel sliders and with 14-inch long nylon reinforced one-inch English billets.
Stirrup leathers: 2 inch biothane with stainless steel cam lock buckles with leather sleeves (will come with leather bell stirrups) or top grain 1" nylon reinforced leathers with sleeves.
Stirrup hanger bar: 3-position for a 1-inch leather or 2 inch biothane strap.
Saddle pad: Saddle sox - synthetic in brown or black Codura with black or white fleece.
All About Saddling DVD and Leather Care Kit:  Yes
Additional options: Available

With large barbwire tooling

All black saddle

Full border tooling and matching breast collar

Two tone saddle - brown with black seat and blocking

The leather loop at the back of the saddle if for holding up your stirrup irons and girth when saddle is not in use.

The leather loop at the back of the saddle if for holding up your stirrup irons and girth when saddle is not in use.

Shown with border tooling

Shown with raindrop tooling

Shown with matching western tooled breast collar

Shown with sunset tooling

One inch leathers shown with irons

With Biothane leathers that will offer a two position leather selection.

One inch leathers shown with easy ride stirrups

A similar models to consider are the Freedom, Express and Western P. Express, which are made off of the same saddle tree:

The Tree on the LEFT is the Endurance saddle tree.

The Tree on the RIGHT is the McMullen Saddle tree. 

Standard padding or the extra padding of the Soft Seat - that is the question.

Center photo of lighter color saddle DOES NOT have the extra padding that is in the Soft Seat.

Why select the extra padding of the Soft Seat
 There are some points to consider when deciding to select this option-with the Soft Seat.  First, you will lose some of the room that the saddle has to offer for your rear-end - so if you are between sizes use this to help gauge your seat size. Secondly when you select the Soft Seat, you will lose a bit of the "pocket" to sit down in, (since the extra padding is now there for your rear-end and /or your bone-y butt bones). Lastly, with the Soft Seat, the saddle will have a bit of a narrower twist. The twist is the part that is between your thighs (your crotch area). Therefore, if you like a narrower twist, have a bony butt or need a smaller seat size, adding the extra padding of the Soft Seat is key.

The Soft-Seat is soft and easy to care for.  It has NO stitching lines that can fill up with dirt and grime making a saddles seat difficult or impossible to clean.  Also having a seat with no stitching keeps the saddles seat soft, as the more a saddles seat is stitched the firmer it becomes.

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