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Designed for gaited and non-gaited horses and mules in all shapes and sizes!

Where fitting your horse and mule is our number one priority.

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When you are ready to own a saddle for the rest of your life...Then you are ready for an Evolutionary saddle.

Evolutionary Saddles™ introduces the ultimate flexible panel saddle!  The Evolutionary Saddles™ flexible panel saddle with System X delrin construction is a quantum leap forward in saddle design.  After thousands of hours of in-saddle field-testing and many advances in technology, Tauer Manufacturing LLC has produced exactly what every serious rider dreams of — a saddle for all horses!  That’s right, one saddle that conforms to almost every back shapes, allowing you to use one saddle on many horses with little more effort than selecting the proper girth or cinch.  The System X saddle has the only saddle fit system so adaptable that that it comfortably fits most horses and mules, no matter his shape or size.  Whatever conformation issues are present, the appropriate saddle model correctly fitted should provide the answer.

Barrel  & slab sided.

Short & long back.

Gaited & Non-gaited horses & mules.

Roached back or rump high.

Wide, broad & mutton withered.

Flat - mule & sway back.

Narrow & high withers.

If one saddle can fit these all backs imagine what it can do for you!

All these back shapes.

Horse, Donkey and Mule.

One saddle for many needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

What makes the Evolutionary Saddles™ System X the saddle for the 21st Century?

A rigid tree that supports the rider

Panels composed of several layers of delrin that, combined with the unique mounting system, distribute the rider’s weight over the entire length of the panel, while allowing the horse’s back and shoulders complete freedom of motion

A ball and socket joint inserted on a specialized saddle tree that automatically addresses criteria such as gullet sizes, twist, flare, and rocker.

A horse and rider satisfaction guarantee.

No special shims or pad needed - Mule

No special shims or pad needed - Horse

System Description

All of these finely crafted, beautiful saddles are made the United States. 

 English and endurance saddles come with adjustable rigging, hardware rigging D-rings, a seat selection option, and a Saddle Sox™ pad.  Select either 1-inch leather or 2‑inch Biothane™ stirrup leathers. 

 Western saddles have adjustable rigging, hardware rigging D-rings, and a seat selection option. 

 Additional options available include stirrup selection, border tooling, merino wool saddle pads, breast collars, girths, and cinches, additional hardware, strings, and silver. All saddles come with a 2-hour DVD, All About Saddle Fitting, and a saddle care kit.

Each saddle is hand-made and MADE TO ORDER

English, Western & Endurance Saddles

English Dressage

English Cutback

English Pleasure

English Jumper CT

Western Working Trail

Break Out

Western Pleasure Caliente

Western Pleasure Liberty

Western Endurance

Endurance Officer

Endurance Express

Endurance  Captain

McClellan Battery

OUR Saddles are MADE in the USA with legal home-grown Americans - We have no cheep labor, import or use throw away or dated materials.  We do not build in obsolescenceWE PUT YOUR SAFETY FIRST. This is a quality made saddle designed to last your lifetime and long after you have retired.

A REAL revolution in saddle building and a quantum leap forward in saddle technology

 It is our intent to provide only the very best for you and your horse

ALL NEW - CUSTOM MADE Saddles start at $4,999.00 /  Saddles IN STOCK are $3,195.00  - check with your dealer


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 "If you are going to invest in a quality saddle, then you BETTER get a saddle that fits multiple horses"

Warranty Please
Warranty Duration:  New products carry a two-year guarantee against material and construction defects valid from date of purchase. Saddle trees carry a 10-year guarantee against breakage under normal use conditions; that is, broken while in use on the horse. The saddle tree shall be replaced and the saddle reassembled at no charge by Tauer Manufacturing LLC.
 Warranty Provisions:  In order to fulfill our warranty terms the defective product or product part must be delivered to Tauer Manufacturing LLC within the applicable warranty period. Warranty conditions will only be honored if said products are delivered with an original invoice or some other form of proof of purchase indicating purchase date, article number and the name of authorized agent from whom products were purchased. These documents must be complete and readable. Tauer Manufacturing LLC will repair, upon timely notification and within the warranty duration, all defects with no charge for substitute parts or labor. When returning product that is under warranty, you are responsible for the cost of shipping & insurance back to Tauer Manufacturing LLC. The Shipping and Handling Fee is non-refundable. Tauer Manufacturing LLC and its authorized dealers are not responsible for any costs for damage higher than product costs, and are in no case liable for damages associated with the use of our products. Liability of Tauer Manufacturing LLC shall be limited to the price of the item in question whether it be tack or saddle and said company shall not be responsible or liable for consequential damages. Warranties herein are in lieu of all other warrants either express or implied.
 Warranty Exemptions: This warranty shall not apply to any saddles or accessories, which have been modified or damaged while being used in a manner or for a purpose not intended by the manufacturer. Exempt from our warranty are parts or products that show the effects of natural wear and tear. Also exempt are defects that are independent of materials or construction. These include the following: -Damage through negligent use or accidents unrelated to normal use. -Damages related to improper or negligent care. Our care instructions and observations are included in these warranty terms and conditions. -Damages incurred through inappropriate use of our products. -Faulty repairs or modification of products by third parties. -Defects occurring from the use of substitute parts by third parties.

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