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  Evolutionary Saddles Offers Extraordinary Performance and outstanding quality at a fair price.

Designed for gaited and non-gaited horses and mules in all shapes and sizes!


Soft-Touch Leather Halter Bridle: This unique halter bridle is truly a riders must have. It is adjustable on both sides of the cheek piece, on the noseband, throatlatch and on both sets of bit keepers. Perfect for trail riding as the halter can be used to tie a horse anywhere. For the English rider, the halter can be adjusted to become the perfect cavesson. Each 1/2-inch strap is comprised of three different materials, yet the end product is lighter, stronger and requires less care than an all-leather headstall. A thin tube of 3.4oz garment (which is very durable, soft and supple against the horse) is folded over nylon webbing and is then sewn onto top grain English bridle leather. This leaves the garment leather’s smooth rolled edges against the horse’s face. This sharp looking headgear has all stainless steel hardware. It comes with two sets of bit keepers, so the headstall does not have to be disassembled to accommodate a different bit. Comes in large, medium and small sizes. State leather color. This is the best for trail riding and training because you have it all in one. Price $125.00

Or select the Bit Hanger option: with choice of  two types of keepers. (this selection will offer a different style brow band)

Photo shows this option with the training halter bridle.

Training "side pull" Halter Bridle: This unique halter bridle is a trainer’s dream. The halter can be adjusted as the perfect cavison and also can be used for tying your steed up. During "Trail and Field Training" clip a lead rope to the halter and loop it back to your saddle, so in the event of that "fright and flight " instinct, you can pull your mounts head around (coupling), without pulling on his delicate mouth. The halter has stainless steel side rings that you can use as "side pulls" for teaching your mount to yield and move to direct rein training (a bitless bridle). The headstall will also come with two sets of bit keepers. Great for a training bit or hackmore and then you can use the second set for your finishing bit. By using both the side pulls and the bit hangers together, you can ride with double reins keeping your horse’s mouth soft, while teaching him with the side pulls. This bridle is made just like the Soft Touch Halter bridle, soft and strong. Comes in large, medium and small sizes. State leather color. HVF-Exclusive. Item # H-HB-T – Price $125.00


Or select the Bit Hanger option: with choice of  two types of keepers.  Photo shown on above item. (This selection will offer a different style brow band.)

The Easy Bridle:  Designed by Cathy, inspired by customers,  an easy bridle that you can hook on to your existing halter.  5/8th inch wide leather with padded brown band, stainless steel roller buckles and hardware.  Beautifully sewn, truly crafted. Select brown or black leather - size L, M, S.  HVF exclusive.   Item # H-EZ-Price $55.00



Shown Right: Optional "quick change" end that can be added to any of the reins above. The rider can remove the snap and attach the rein directly to the bit or leave the snap on.

Thin Leather Reins:  (pictured leftmost in left photo above): These are those impossibly hard-to-find thin leather reins, measuring only 3/8 inch wide, with scissors snap ends. They are made with two layers of leather sewn together for strength and measure 7 foot in length. HVF-Exclusive. State color.  Price $100.00
Soft-Touch Leather Reins
(center in photo):  These soft reins are made the same way and with the same materials as the halter bridle. They come with scissors snaps at the ends. The split reins have an adjustable buckle so you can keep your reins together without using a knot. Or, if you prefer, these reins are so soft and supple that you can easily knot them. One-half inch wide. State size and color. 6 ft. split – Price is $100.00 for 8 ft. loop - Price is $75.00
Soft-Touch Leather Knob Reins:
Inspired by a customer, we developed the perfect reins for riders who need extra grip. These 6-foot split reins are made just like the other soft-touch reins, but with knobs (swells) sewn right into the length of the reins. The knobs are spaced so that you have even contact your horse’s mouth. Swells are inconspicuous so that only the rider knows they are there. State leather color please.  Price $100.00

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