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Where fitting your horse and mule is our number one priority.

  Evolutionary Saddles Offers Extraordinary Performance and outstanding quality at a fair price.

Designed for gaited and non-gaited horses and mules in all shapes and sizes!


All About Saddling A 2 disk set: Get a front row seat to a saddling demonstration.  See first hand how saddles work, how they are they are designed and how technology is changing the way we saddle the horse. l        Learn how to properly tack up both English and Western saddles and how to properly fit, cruppers, breast collars, bridles, bits, pads, girths, cinches and even britching. l        Learn how to identify various back shapes and how to test for proper saddle fit.  l        Learn how to use shims to correct saddle fit and how to palpate your horse's back for condition. l        Lastly learn how to identify problems associated with your tack and how to care for it. Nowhere else will you find a more complete DVD set chucked full of so much information that took over a decade to assemble. Making horses, mules and even donkeys comfortable along with their owners was the driving force behind this production, which is guaranteed to change the life of those you love. Running time 128 minutes. ISBN 0-9776591-0-0.


Bick Travel Kit: This kit comes in a zippered acrylic pouch and contains a 2 oz. bottle of each the Bick 4 leather conditioner and Bick 1 Cleaner.  The Bick 4 conitioner is a unique formula cleans, conditions, polishes and acts a water repellent, making it ideal for keeping leather soft and supple while preventing the leather from drying and cracking. It is safe to use on leather boots, shoes, bags, purses, jackets, saddles, belts and smooth finish or exotic leather products including reptile. It is wax-free, does not contain silicone and will not seal the pores of the leather. Bickmore guarantees Bick-4 will not darken any colorfast leather, as the formula is free of animal fats and caustic chemicals. This conditioner is the product of choice for damp, moist or moldy leather, as well as leather that is in good condition. Tthe Bick-1 cleaner which is a balanced formula that was created to thoroughly clean the dirtiest leather items both safely and effectively. It is pH-balanced blend of non-alkaline cleaning agents that aggressively cleans smooth finished leather safely and effectively. It removes soil, grease, spur marks and most food and ink stains. Its foaming action lifts out embedded dirt and stains. Because it contains no wax, oils, or additives to interfere with its cleaning ability, dirt will not become trapped in the leather. This kit also comes with a soft cotton cleaning cloth. 

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